What Are Allergies?

peanut allergiesLet start with something simple Cathy… For those unaware or unaffected by allergies, a) LUCKY YOU and B) this blog post is for you. I’ve got the low down on the different types of allergies and touch on a few of the major allergies that affect so many.

For some, it happens almost abruptly. For others, it is subtle, gradually making itself known after some time. You feel your skin start to itch and swell up and discover a rash developing on the surface. Or maybe you begin to find it hard to breathe a few minutes later after finishing a dessert at a restaurant that you didn’t know included nuts. Yes, allergies are a common hindrance for many people throughout the world. Many reactions range from mild to life-threatening, and it’s all the more upsetting and nerve-wracking if you have a child that possibly suffers from them. It is important to know the different types of allergies so that you can learn how to spot symptoms and treat them accordingly. Let’s consider the four main types of allergies – skin contact, injection, ingestion and inhalation.

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